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Smiths Military type Imperial Everest cal 104 English 19 jewel wristwatch.

This is one of a few existing identical watches, whose history is unclear. I believe they are the by-product of one of the attempts to build a Military specification watch by Smiths. There is some known history of a series of prototypes especially the one with the uniquely designed pillared movement, which was rejected due to weakness, but there is also a supposed Military watch based on the automatic version of the 104, or perhaps as here on the basic 104 without the auto works. The dial and hands would fit either movement. The style of the dial and hands does suggest manufacture at approximately the same time as the earlier Smiths 6b from the 50's, but the detailing on the dial, the name and jewel count may have been added by the factory at any stage later. The case to movement fit is correct for a 19 jewel movement with an everest dial, but clearly, the lack of inner casing, markings and fixed bars  and no "t" for tritium indicate that the factory, or at least one of their employees was probably using up the spare parts to create watches. The case which is from the C 1960's style of Smiths isn't in particularly good condition, but the dial hands and movement are excellent. I have been shown one of these in private hands and indicated that I don't believe it is a production watch, and unlike the unissued later w10 which Smiths catalogued, this would appear to be later made of factory parts. Note that like the Everest/Imperial version of these cases, due to the dial curvature a special cut edge tension ring crystal has to be fitted. Interestingly the watch is somewhat reminiscent of some of the paf issue omegas. The case is 33.3mm and all steel. Clip on back with case seal, 19 jewel cal 104 movement fully serviced. The strap has been changed since these pictures were taken.