Chinese Timing Machines

I've bought some really poorly made Chinese photographic accessories in the past year as well as a Vernier which was ok for weeding the garden. ( not that I do any gardening)

In stark contrast their timing machines have been a blessing to many of us who can't afford the leap to the top level Swiss products.

I first used a 1900 and during the past year or so have used an 9000A with the automatic position setting microphone as well as just about anything you could want.

Couple of drawbacks. You can't grip as small a movement as my old fashioned but perfectly good Vibrograf B200.

Both the Chinese ones have iffy pickup grips, and occasionally will catapult the watch or movement across the workbench as the jaws slip. 

The only other issue is that the rotating holder can get out of sequence so best start it out in vertical then move to horizontal before your sequence stats, or push reset as a matter of course, otherwise it does a good job of mimicking an off-balance washing machine in self-destruct mode.