Please rest assured that repairs and internet sales will continue un-interrupted.

For the one or two of our regular customers of long standing who visit us or meet face to face in cafes that will once again have to cease. 

To be practical please do not hand deliver to our office or workshop until further notice. I expect that the office ladies will  be working form home again for he most part, and in any case we need to comply with current restrictions on movement for non-essential purposes. 

This will not affect our posting out or ability to receive mail, Royal Mail have been heroically persevering with the country's communications. 

Please note that we are not re-newing for the time being our stock of ZRC straps so stock is very limited and we will mostly be sourcing from our wholesalers for service fitted straps. 

Note that our p.o. box address mail get delivered straight to us and doesn't sit around neglected until collected. 

All our parcels incoming are wiped down as are the watches so please don't use special packaging such as original boxes unless you're selling them to us. Remember that you can always slit a parcel open, rather than struggle with unravelling tape. We will try and include wipes with all packages.

We try and re-cycle as best as we can, but safety comes first.

Please everyone stay safe and let's get the virus under control.



on behalf of 

The Team at Smithswatches