New Category

We are in the process of migrating all our watch spare products on eBay to the website under the heading funny enough 'Watch Spares" so that we will have the whole business in one area.

The full migration will not be complete for a couple of months and you will be able to purchase the items via eBay or the website until then.

Please bare with us while we get to grips with the changes we are implicating. 

Our postal and returns policies will remain the same.

We invite you to make an account as it will make this easier if you are a returning customer. I will add we DO NOT store any banking details.

On the website you will have the payment options of Shopify payments which is credit/debit cards plus PayPal payments.

If you purchase multiple items you will automatically be charged just one amount of posting.

If you add items to the cart/basket and then change your mind could you please ensure you remove the items from your cart.