Price increase

A big thank you for those who have sent in their valued heirlooms for refurbishment following our price revision. 

Also congratulations to the regulars who pre-paid for future jobs at the old price, and or got their watches booked in before the 7th April deadline.

We will be gradually implementing an improved service with regards to the heritage side of things.

One of our photo light boxes and full frame Sony cameras is now permanently installed next to the work bench, so that we can record good quality pictures of your watch which will be included in your package. Also where appropriate old ads may be included.

Full instruction booklets will be enclosed as well as the warranty cards. Spare spring bars and spring bar tools will be included, as we enclose with our purchased watches. 

For our UK (England Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland, channel islands and the Isle of Man) based customers a pre-paid postal pack is available on request, this comes to you via regular mail and is a suitable folded box, which has the relevant labelled envelope inside, you place the watch in the box with the enclosed bubble wrap, seal it in the envelope enclosed, and then you just take it to a post office counter to obtain a receipt, and you retain the tear off portion of the special delivery ticket for you records. (Remember to enclose a note with your details or specific requests). This will cover up to £500 which is normally enough for an unserviced watch. 

With most repairs replaced parts will be available for return, so let us know if you want them.

One of the more constantly re-curring themes that affects us here is that most of you who phone in initially describe the watch as being your grandfather's and I instantly have mental images of a British Rail engraved gold watch...Following our conversation a few customers forget to enclose full details... please remember that the family heirloom that is unique to you may well be nearly identical to several we are repairing.

For those of you who are happily using  the internet, please feel free to go on the website and open an account, this helps us link the posted watch to a name, making identification a lot easier. The link is on the top of the home page and looks like a cluedo player or a chess pawn, this leads you to a log in with the option at the bottom of creating an account. 

On a final note LIC watch straps haven't got back to us with our project of a vintage feel watch strap so we are looking elsewhere.