UPDATED Un-named Smiths Watch

Hi Everyone,

I am hoping this works.

Today we took delivery of a Smiths Manual wound watch for repair. Unfortunately the sender didn't enclose a note nor did they put any return details on the parcel. If this sounds like you could you please call us on 07733317747 and speak to James. There is a faint inscription to the back of the case so we will be asking for you to tell us what is inscribed as this will be the only way we will be able to tell if you are the correct owner. 

The watch was posted from the Greys Inn Road post office near Clerkenwell in London. It was posted Signed for on 28 August 2023.



We have located the owner of the above mentioned watch. Due to it taking so long to get here I think that he had resigned himself to never seeing it again as the post office had said it had been lost.

Due to things like this can I please stress the importance of enclosing contact details such as Name, Address, Email address and finally contact telephone number. We would also recommend that if you are sending your time piece in directly and not using our pre-paid system please post using special delivery as anything less seems to get lost for months before resurfacing.